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Giorgos Dimou from Uruguay on ”Our Global Voice” | 28 Feb. 2024

Giorgos Dimou, 2nd generation Greek expatriate, businessman and long-time president of the Greek Community in Montevideo, spoke on “Our Global Voice” and Dimitris Kontogiannis about the Greek diaspora, the situation in Uruguay and its relationship with Greece.

Mr. Dimou told the story of his own family and especially of his father who arrived in Latin America in 1920 from a village of Evia located near Kymi and initially was working as a stone-breaker in the construction site of the port of Buenos Aires; he also talks about the more than 4000 Greek expatriates who are living in Buenos Aires according to his estimate. He said that more than 20 Montevideo streets have Greek names, there is a public school called “Greece”, there a Greek Community school and he also talked about the work of the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation for the promotion of the Greek language and culture, resulting in thousands of Uruguayans speaking Greek and declaring themselves Greek lovers.

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