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Kostas Papakostopoulos ”Takes his Time” | 19 Mar. 2024

Distinguished director Kostas Papakostopoulos, founder and Artistic Director of the Hellenic German Theater of Cologne, was met today by the show “Take Your Time” with Prokopis Angelopoulos.

Mr. Papakostopoulos spoke about the history of the Hellenic German Theater, which this year completes 34 years since its foundation, as well as about his decision to leave Greece years ago and immigrate to Germany, where he studied theater at the University of Cologne.

There, as he said, he collaborated with two very big names of the time, Dimitar Gotsev, at the State Theater in Cologne in the late 80s and later with Frank Castorf at the Volksbühne in Berlin, where through this experience, he later decided to create his own theater group.

Mr. Papakostopoulos also referred to the show they are preparing entitled “The Navel of the Earth”, which will start performances in June and is an allegory about ancient Greece and today’s climate crisis.

He also referred to the institution of theater, both in Greece and Germany and the differences between them, while the discussion closed with a reference to the current Greek political and social reality, as he himself experiences it as a Greek expatriate and a person of culture, regularly visiting Greece.