Little Girl Of The Sea Nikol Liakostavrou
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Little Girl of the Sea: Bees in Syntagma Square | 23 Feb. 2024

…because Greece is a small country, a Sea country, with Divine Mountains.

On February 22nd, 2024, after the farmers, the BEEKEPERS from ALL over Greece shut down the center of Athens and demonstrated in front of the Parliament.

They set up their hives, blew their smokehouses and petitioned the authorities.

The taxation, the prices, the Greekization of imported honey, the damages, the galloping “green growth” on the land, the forests, the mountains and the sea, the climate change crisis, the attitude of the state on this precious and sensitive industry.

We are talking to beekeepers Vaios Lambropoulos, member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Beekeepers and Friends of the Amyntaio Bee, based in Xyno Nero, Florina, and Aimilios Mendesidis, President of Beekeepers from N. Kozani.