Little Girl Of The Sea Nikol Liakostavrou
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”Little Girl of the Sea” tribute to Aris Alexandrou | 30.06.2023

ARIS ALEXANDROU (Leningrad 11/24/1922 – Paris 7/2/1978)
On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of his death in Paris, aged 56.
A tribute to the people of a generation and their words. How intertwined they were with their actions. How profound they were as the words of an idea, but also of the honor (of the idea).
“By the sea, with you, I had been able to throw a couple of pebbles at the edge of the sea and they splashed us for a sunshine”.
The story of his then five-year-old granddaughter, Katerina Kampani, in her book “O pappous mou, Aris Alexandrou”, in an article edited by Olga Sela.
His registered name is Aristotelis Vasileiadis.
(the episode is dedicated to the former workers of the “Eleftherotypia” newspaper and their fight for their earnings that are kept by the banks.