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Professor of Computer Science Kostas Daniilidis from Pennsylvania on ”Our Global Voice” | 18 Apr. 2024

Kostas Daniilidis, professor of computer science and holder of the Ruth Yalom Stone Chair at the University of Pennsylvania, talked about his personal history and that of his family, about the education system of Greece, his experience from the German University of Karlsruhe and American higher education, explained the differences between the USA and the EU in the fields of research and technology on “Our Global Voice” with Petros Diplas and Dimitris Kontogiannis.

Mr Daniilidis, who specializes in the intersection of learning and geometry, visual navigation, neuromorphic vision, three-dimensional human/object/animal position estimation, and arm calibration in relation to sensors, also talked about Archimedes, the Greek Center for Research in Artificial Intelligence, in which he actively participates and about the need for Greece to acquire something similar to the American National Science Foundation (NSF).

The show features prominent people of the Greek Diaspora, including scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs who share with us their meaningful experiences and their enhanced viewpoints.

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