Soil Of My Soul Aggelos Stathopoulos
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Soil of my Soul 06/08/2022

“””With my songs I try to help groups of people become friends”” M.TOKAS (June 8, 1954- April 27, 2008)

A musical journey dedicated to the songs of Marios Tokas. “”S’ Anazito sti Saloniki””, “”I Ethniki mas Monaxia””, “”Ladadika””, “”Thalasses””, “”Didima Fengaria””…

Many of his melodies are spontaneously sung by a group of friends at a get-together””

Marios Tokas was born on June 8, 1954 in Limassol, Cyprus where he spent his childhood and teenage years. He has been involved in music since his school years, writing songs for school performances and for his friends.

“”I believe that Marios Tokas has taken in old-time sensitive romantic songs and he is perhaps the only one today who can write affectionate songs for groups of friends.””

Mikis Theodorakis – Athens 25 March 1998…”