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Soil of my Soul with Angelos Stathopoulos | 08.12.2022

The director Babis Tsokas spoke about his latest film “Thysia” (Sacrifice) on the Voice of Greece on the show “Soil of my Soul”.

Born in Preveza, a student of Ingmar Bergman, Babis Tsokas has been living and excelling for over 40 years as a director in Sweden, having created over 1,000 films.

He studied at the Swedish Institute of Dramatic Art and then became a professor and later director at the school, of which Bergman had also been director. Babis Tsokas is a recognized, established director with countless films in Swedish cinema, Swedish television and countless productions in Swedish theater. The Greek-Swedish director was first introduced to Messinia through his documentary “The Routes of the Olive Tree”, followed by his films about Petros Themelis and Maria Callas, his tribute to the real Zorba, and then his new film about Preveza, “I THYSIA” (The Sacrifice). The film refers to a family that lived from 1912, when it (the film) begins, until today. This is a tragedy, about the history of Preveza and Greece. “The book, “To Roloi Mesa sto Synnefo” (The Clock Inside the Cloud), was written by my friend Apostolos Tassis and we had a very good collaboration. The film’s script that we wrote together is based on this book.” The director spoke about the film on the blog PrevezaBest.