Soil Of My Soul Aggelos Stathopoulos
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Soil of my soul with Angelos Stathopoulos | 10.28.2022

“The shelters of Athens 1936-40”

Did you know that in central parts of Athens, but also on the outskirts, there are huge underground shelters seven meters below the ground?

One of the largest shelters in Athens with 35 rooms in a 400 sq.m. area is located at 10 Karageorgi Serbia St.

The shelters protected the Greeks in various periods of time, not only during the Occupation but also from the Allies (see the bombing of Piraeus in 1944), as well as from hostilities between each other (such as the shelters on the hill of Ardittos or in Tatoi during the “December events”).

The writer and researcher Konstantinos Kyrimis reveals “underground Attica” to us.

Curation – presentation: Angelos Stathopoulos