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Professor N. Vrachnis about assisted reproduction

The “Voice of Greece” and the broadcasting program “Faraway words“, on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, had as a guest the President of the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction, Nikolaos Vrachnis, on the occasion of the change in the legislative framework regarding the maximum age at which a woman can undergo such a procedure. Mr. Vrachnis referred comprehensively to many aspects of the law, not only regarding age, answered the questions of Natasa Vissarionos and Giannis-Stelios Tzirvelakis on donation of genetic material, the In Vitro Fertilization Units, the work they do, the rights and obligations of donors of genetic material, but also where Greece stands on this issue compared to other countries in Europe and the world. His main concern was to explain the law and inform citizens about in vitro fertilization procedures since Greece is taking these progressive steps.