A festive ”Invitation to Lunch” | 30.12.2023, 13.00

The show “Invitation to Lunch” with Eleni Karali is celebrating New Year’s this Saturday, December 30th at 13:00.

Chef Gogo Delogianni, who was introduced to us through the show “I saw you in the morning”, is the first guest of the show. Gogo Delogianni gives tips and ideas for an impressive festive table which will also save you money. She shares with us her childhood memories of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. The well-known chef explains why cooking won her over despite studying and practicing law.

Two Cretan girls from the southernmost city of Europe, Ierapetra, Stella Mastoraki and Jenny Frangouli, present on Voice of Greece their new English Christmas song “Feel the Moment”. Stella Mastoraki, a piano teacher, composes, orchestrates and plays her own music for theater, cinema and television, and creates music for dramatization that is used in classrooms as well as in musical fairy tales. Jenny Frangouli, Licensed Singing Teacher, has many years of experience in music and many years of musical studies. She teaches vocals, singing and elocution at the “Art Conservatory” in Agios Nikolaos and at the Music School of the Municipality of Ierapetra.