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”Invitation to Lunch” tribute to Maria Callas | 09.12.2023, 13.00

On Saturday, December 9, 2023, 13.00-14.00 Greece local time, the show “Invitation to Lunch” with Eleni Karali is dedicated to Maria Callas.

Konstantinos Bitzanis, CEO of Technopolis City of Athens is the man who inspired the creation of the Maria Callas Museum. He talks about the difficulties that had to be dealt with in the implementation of the only Museum in the world in her honor, but also that “where there’s a will there’s a way” since this new gem of a Museum began to be built and was completed in the course of a single year, and takes listeners on a mental tour of the Museum, which is addressed to all audiences.

The Ambassador and Consul General of Greece in New York, Dinos Konstantinou, talks about the 4 events organized by the Consulate for the 100th anniversary of Maria Callas’ birth, the response they were met with by Greeks and the international public alike, and the effort made by the Consulate in general, so that Culture becomes the vehicle that gives an air of extroversion in New York and the United States. Cultural diplomacy is a powerful tool, which is why, as Dinos Konstantinou says, they are preparing actions dedicated to great Greeks, whose work should be widely known.

Stefanos Koroneos, baritone for over 25 years and artistic director and General Manager of the Grattacielo Theatre in New York, talks about the historical tribute “The 10 faces of Maria Callas” at the Holy Trinity in Manhattan, the church where Maria Callas was baptized. The event curated by him was held in collaboration with the Greek Consulate General in New York. He is a lover of the opera, and of Maria Callas, who remains an idol for at least three generations of artists and shares with us how the opera came into his life.