”Invitation to Lunch”: festive edition | 23.12.2023, 13.00

The show “Invitation to Lunch” with Eleni Karali is dressed for Christmas and in festive mood this Saturday, December 23rd at 13:00.

Kelly Alchanati Papouli, author of children’s and teenage books and head of fiction and entertainment at ERT, is the first guest of the show. Kelly was born and raised in Thessaloniki. From a young age, instead of playing, she created fairytale shows and directed fictional stories with her friends. She studied Directing, Film and Television at Boston University. Her thesis was about a pilot for a children’s show that afterwards was developed into a television production.

Acclaimed Greek-Australian photographer Nikos Bourdaniotis, and director of photography at Greek City Times, based in Sydney, is the next guest on the show on the occasion of the donation of his collection of photographs depicting the Evzones to the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic, on Tuesday 19th December 2023, during a moving and modest ceremony at the Hellenic Presidential Guard Headquarters in Athens. Undoubtedly, a proud moment for the Greek Diaspora and an important contribution to the preservation of Greek heritage.

Vasilios Bellios, gynecologist-obstetrician and volunteer of the Charitable Organization “The Hug”, is the third guest of the show. The Hug helps all those mothers who chose to give birth to their child, listening only to his heartbeat. The Hug’s vision is “The right to a quality life for every mother and child” and its mission is to support every mother in need (economic or social) who wishes to bring to life and raise her child in a proper environment.