”Invitation to Lunch” with Dina Nikolaou | 11.11.2023, 13.00-14.00

Dina Nikolaou will be Eleni Karali’s guest on Saturday 11 November 2023.

The Ambassador of Greek cuisine in France, award-winning chef, Dina Nikolaou, unravels the story of her career in the art of cooking and gastronomy from childhood to the present day. The constant search, the warmth, the smile, the use of quality ingredients and the combination of the unexpected with the conventional are her trademarks.

Constant awards, participation in the biggest exhibitions and festivals around the world, 5 delicatessen shops in Paris and a restaurant, Evi Evane, which was awarded as the best foreign cuisine restaurant in France are some of Dina Nikolaou’s achievements.

With the passionate temperament that sets her apart, she has educated the French in Greek gastronomy and Greek culture. Her ambition is to bring Greek cuisine all around the world with dignity, creating chairs in major culinary academies.