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A. Tsouchantaris from Australia, MEP candidate with New Democracy, on “Our Global Voice” | 05 June 2024

Athanasios Tsouchantaris, candidate for the European Parliament with the New Democracy (ND), expatriate businessman and president of the Greek-Australian Chamber of Commerce and former commando of the Greek army, spoke about his personal journey, his vision to see the standard of living of Greeks rise to the level of Australians and his desire to contribute to the country through the European Parliament on Voice of Greece and the show “Our Global Voice” with Petros Diplas and Dimitris Kontogiannis.

Mr Tsouchantaris, who emigrated to Australia in the mid-1980s because he fell in love with the woman who became his wife, recalled the difficult early years in Melbourne. He used to have two and even three jobs to make ends meet as his wife studied medicine and they had their first son. His later business ventures created the family business in building maintenance, public transport and security which became the largest in Australia and abroad. He referred to the successful efforts he has made to bring Australian businessmen to invest €100 million in Greece so far, building factories, which he continues, hoping that these investments will yield even more money.

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