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Andreas Drimiotis on ”Our Global Voice” | 30.11.2023

The introduction of postal voting in the 2024 European elections is an important reform that improves the Hellenic Republic and alleviates the shame surrounding a previous inability of Greek citizens to vote despite being entitled to, due to being abroad or in another city within the country where they have their voting rights, stresses political analyst and electoral expert Andreas Drimiotis, speaking on the radio of Voice of Greece and the show “Our Global Voice”, with Petros Diplas and Dimitris Kontogiannis.

Speaking on ship building in Greece, Mr. Drimiotis, who had been in favor of postal voting since the 2024 European elections when he had spoken again on the show on July 6 and shortly thereafter in an article in Kathimerini, stresses that the postal vote will give us the opportunity to see what the real participation of Greek citizens in the elections is like. It will also be a general trial in the electoral process to see how it could work in national elections.

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