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”Faraway Words”: David Connolly translates Dionysis Savvopoulos | 22 Apr. 2024

“Voice of Greece” hosted David Connolly, an award-winning translator and professor of translation studies, who has been a naturalized Greek and has been living in Greece for about 35 years. The occasion for this radio conversation was the publication of the book “The Rock Song of Our Tomorrow” (Eora publications) where he has translated into English songs by Dionysis Savvopoulos. It is noted that especially for the release of the book, four songs by Dionysis Savvopoulos were recorded in English, performed by Alkinoos Ioannidis, Elli Paspala and Elina Bagka. David Connolly also spoke about the foreign language series of Eora publications, with translated works by important Greek writers (Papadiamantis, Vrettakos, Elytis, Sikelianos, Engonopoulos, Cavafy, Dimoulas, Angelaki-Rook, Sachtouris, Markopoulos, Hatzopoulos, Giatromanolakis, Galanakis, etc.), about the difficulties of translating a literary work, about the ways of promoting contemporary Greek literature abroad and about his love for Greece.

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