Faraway Words Natasa Vissarionos
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”Faraway Words” in Graz, Austria | 08 Apr. 2024

The president of the Greek Association of Graz and Styria, Mrs. Theodora Hatzivasiloglou, was a guest on this episode of ”Faraway Words”. She spoke about life in Austria and the activities of the Association which, as she mentioned, was founded since 1969 and operated as the “Association of Greek Students and Scientists of Graz” since the city was chosen by many students for their studies. One of the most important activities of the Association is the Greek school which currently has 35 students and 4 teachers.

The show Faraway Words with Natasa Vissarionos covers top stories of the Greek Diaspora, featuring interviews with Greek expats or natives who choose to leave Greece behind to travel, study, or work abroad.

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