Faraway Words Natasa Vissarionos
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”Faraway Words”… out of a book | 12 Mar. 2024

Guests on the show were the Director of the Directorate of Letters of the Ministry of Culture, Sissy Papathanasiou, who spoke about Greece’s participation in the London International Book Fair, which has just started. The author Vivian Avraamidou Ploumbi from Prague spoke about her book “The Silence of a Captivity – A Conversation with Dimitris Toumazis, a prisoner during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus”, which was presented in Athens; she also spoke about the English translation of her short story collection “The Shame”, which will be presented in New York, Princeton and Philadelphia, and about the book “And now just the two of us”, which includes short stories and photographs and is a collaboration with Chloe Akrithaki.

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