Faraway Words Natasa Vissarionos
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”Faraway Words” with musician/composer Miltos Pavlou | 09.01.2024

The show hosted the social scientist, Constantine Cavafy’s poetry researcher and composer Miltos Pavlou, permanent resident of Vienna, who over a period of 35 years set Cavafy’s poetry to music and released the album “Ithaca” in which he interprets the songs himself. As he characteristically mentioned, this music collection comes at a time of multifaceted crisis of our social coexistence and serves as a musical work the need for introspection, reflection and recreation.

Any potential income from the CD is intended for donations to organizations and initiatives that support human rights and socially excluded groups in Greece and around the world.

After all, Mr. Pavlou lives and works in Vienna, serving in the European Agency for Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

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