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”Faraway Words” with the Australian Byzantine Choir | 29.11.2023

On Wednesday, November 29, at 12:00, the show “Faraway words” hosts the soloists of the Australian Byzantine Choir, Mr. George Skoufis and Mr. Manolis Giannopoulos. The occasion for this radio meeting is the concert “An eastern Odyssey” dedicated to the 101 years since the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

This special event, taking place at the famous Sydney State Theatre on Friday, December 1, has a double significance. On the one hand, of paying tribute to their roots with unique melodies from Pontus and Asia Minor and on the other hand of celebrating 25 years since the foundation of the choir.

Broadcast: Wednesday, November 29, 12:00 Greek time
rerun: Thursday, November 30, 04:00 Greek time

Curated and presented by Natasa Vissarionos

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