Little Girl Of The Sea Nikol Liakostavrou
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Faye Tzanetoulakou on ”Little Girl of the Sea” | 10 Mar. 2024

We talked with Faye Tzanetoulakou
a) About the pollution in Volos and the felled trees in its rivers after the floods. Hexavalent chromium in a drilling of Volos, continuous air pollution – new AEPO AGET, cutting of Platanias by the Region and cypresses in the old cemetery.

b) About Syros and the heavy metals in the port, as well as the SLAPP trials (mass trials against citizens), and the 3 million euro fine on Syros citizens. At first, it was “only” 1 million…

c) The lack of culture (as a representative of the culture that I am active in Athens) in a city without cinema, theatre, new schools (here’s a pass on the new university privatization bill) and with a very high level of domestic violence and mayoral examples of sexism especially on Women’s Day.

And I would like to add… In the land of Theatre there is NO THEATRE MUSEUM!!!
And the existing one, small and evolving 35 years ago, in the building of the Kapodistrian University, was eaten by rats and cockroaches!!!
Trees, urban landscape, culture and sexism, today…