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Giorgos Gstrein and Heinz Gstrein on ”Faraway Words” | 08.01.24

Georg Gstrain, head of the Greek Diaspora website “Hephaestus Wien” and the homonymous Greek association, spoke on the show about his father, the philhellene Heinz Gstrein who passed away in December 2023.

Heinz Gstrein was a journalist and writer, Lecturer of Ottoman History and Culture at the University of Vienna, with an important and interesting professional activity that included dozens of countries in difficult periods, such as Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, experiencing closely almost all wars in the Middle East as a correspondent. He was an ardent philhellene and worked as editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Athener Kurier” here in Athens. His last journalistic position, as correspondent of NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) was in Athens from 1995 to 2001.

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