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Heracles Moskoff ”takes his time” on Voice of Greece

Heracles Moskoff, Secretary General for Vulnerable Citizens and Institutional Protection, was hosted on Thursday, April 11th, 2024 by the show “Take Your Time” with Prokopis Angelopoulos, on the occasion of the online event of the Greek Diaspora Association “Hephaestus Wien – Österreichisch/ Griechischer Integrationsverein” and the Greek Community of Cairo on “Moskoff’s Cavafy”. The event will take place in memory of Kostis Moskoff, on Sunday, April 14th, at 19.00 Greek time.

Mr. Moskoff, speaking about his father, the great writer, journalist, and thinker Kostis Moskoff, and his relationship with Cavafy, said that “the stigma and narrative around Cavafy were very strong through the work done by my father, who tried to act as a pioneer of political diplomacy and to use our great poet as a vehicle so that the Arab world learns more about the Greek language, about the poet and become a bridge of contact, understanding and convergence between the two worlds.” He went on to say that this is why his father was used as a diplomat by personalities from the Greek Foreign Ministry and at the same time he was placed in the position of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Alexandria, where he was active. He added that Kostis Moskoff, apart from being an intellectual, was also a visionary and wanted to bridge the gap between cultures that were in conflict so that through cultural diplomacy people would come closer and what unites them will be more than what divides them.

In addition, Mr Moskoff thanked all the organizers of the online event, as he said they had the honor as a family to participate in many similar events at top level.

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