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Metropolitan Daniel of Accra on “Our Global Voice” | 07 May 2024

His Eminence Metropolitan Daniel of Ghana spoke about the celebration of Easter by the country’s small Greek community and Ghana’s Orthodox Christians, the unusual history of the Orthodox Church in the African country that began in 1956, the Greek Orthodox communities of Ethiopia, Mozambique and Malawi in which he served, but also the reopening of the two Orthodox churches in Eritrea after 30 years on the show “Our Global Voice” with Dimitris Kontogiannis.

His Eminence Metropolitan Daniel of Ghana also referred to two projects that he would like to implement with the help of those who want it. The restoration of the school of St. Peter’s Church so that it becomes an Orthodox theological institute to which children will come to receive a theological education and who will then return to their countries in Western Europe. Africa and the creation of small health centers near the temples for the emergency care of the locals. As he explained, the mortality rate of mothers and babies during childbirth is very high in Ghana and there are also many injuries, e.g. limb breakage, as 85% of the local population are farmers.

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