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S. Paradias about the issues with certificates in real estate on “Our Global Voice” | 03 Apr. 2024

Stratos Paradias, president of the Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA), referred to the problems created by certificates to property owners inside and outside Greece and in particular the surprise with the new certificates for fire protection concerning urban plots and properties in and near forest areas on “Our Global Voice”, with Petros Diplas and Dimitris Kontogiannis.

Mr Paradias stressed that relatives and property are the two main ties of expatriates with Greece, with the former leaving with the passage of time but real estate remaining. The Greek state cannot ask expatriates to know what the Government Gazette published in the Government Gazette says, he stressed on the occasion of the new legislative initiatives of two ministries on fire protection in view of the summer season that were unknown even in POMIDA and are considered inapplicable. The initiatives concern real estate in or near forest areas and urban plots, but neither the two electronic reporting platforms are operational yet, nor has it been determined who are the “special scientists” who will do the studies, although the new deadline expires at the end of April.

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