Take Your Time Prokopis Angelopoulos
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Take Your Time with Prokopis Agelopoulos | 03 June 2024

On Monday, June 3rd, 2024, after the newspaper headlines, we talked to Mr Nikitas Makridis, manager of the website allazorevma.gr, with whom we tried to find answers to the questions raised by the electricity price increases in early June. Immediately afterward, we hosted another candidate for the European elections of June 9th, Mrs Androula Paraschou, who is a candidate with New Democracy. She is a young lawyer, specialized in Human Rights Law and Refugee Law and has worked on the rights of unaccompanied minors and child protection. We talked about the stakes of the elections, how the European Union should manage the refugee crisis, but also how everyday issues come into play in a process that transcends national borders and concerns the course of European integration.