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Theatre Director K.Papakostopoulos from Cologne on ”Take Your Time“ | 12 Apr. 2024

Kostas Papakostopoulos, director – artistic director of the Greek-German Theatre of Cologne, hosted today in the studio the show “Take your time” with Prokopis Angelopoulos, on the occasion of the play “THE NAVEL OF THE EARTH”.

The well-known director, impressed by the elements of our country, draws inspiration for his artistic creations in Cologne. Speaking about the differences of theatre in our country and Germany, he stressed that these are two different models with distinct approaches, two different ways of life that are reflected in art.

The new production “THE NAVEL OF THE EARTH”, by writer Fink Kleidheu, directed by Kostas Papakostopoulos, is a co-production of the Greek-German theatre with the Bonn State Theatre and will premiere on June 8th, 2024 at the Bonn State Theatre.

This is a unique performance about climate change. In the midst of a summer in Greece, with extreme weather events, heatwaves, huge fires and devastating floods that are disrupting southern Europe, we see the climate crisis changing our planet. Will we do something or will we endure our destiny?

These questions are answered by the oracle of Delphi and the fortune teller Pythia. The performance is accompanied by videos by John Seidler and music by Greek composer Tasos Stamos.

It is worth noting that director Kostas Papakostopoulos and cameraman John Seidler visited the burned forest of Dadia, in the region of Evros in Northern Greece, where last summer we had the largest fire in Europe and in collaboration with “WWF Greece” they recorded the tragic events and their catastrophic consequences, doing research to enhance this unique. presentation.

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