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Vassia Zacharopoulou: the Greek soprano and ‘the voice of Greece’ on Google on ”Take Your Time” | 22 Mar. 2024

Friday’s episode on March 22nd, 2024, was dedicated to Political Current Affairs and Art. In the first hour, immediately after the front pages of the newspapers, we commented on the current affairs with Manos Oikonomidis from ysterografa.gr. Shortly before 11am, we connected with Yasemi Quartet during their rehearsal; we chated with Martha Mavroidi about the concert they are giving at the Anglican Church, in the center of Athens, the third in a row, with a guest artist, this time, Fotis Siotas.

The second hour was dedicated to Classical Song. Guest at the Voice of Greece studio was Sonia Theodoridou, the internationally renowned Greek soprano, who this Sunday, March 24th, Orthodox Sunday, appears in Constantinople, for a single concert, in front of Patriarch Bartholomew. Sonia Theodoridou talked about her journey up to her big appearances all over the world and her collaborations with great Greek and foreign artists. She mentioned how she struggled to succeed in her big dream which was to deal with classical singing, the great acceptance she has as a lyrical artist throughout Europe, but also about some disappointments back here in Greece. She talked about the genres she likes to sing, but also about the Greek and foreign artists she admires.

The show ended with Dimitris Giachanatzis on sports news.