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Zoe Drakopoulou about REBEARTH | 25 June 2024

Our guest on the show on Wednesday June 26th was the performer Zoe Drakopoulou. She presented the project REBEARTH, together with the Nomades artcore group in the context of the Festival dei Calanchi in Faenza, Northern Italy. It is a long-hour itinerant site-specific performance during which the spectators become partakers of an experience in the public space of the countryside and the city, where the concept of place, time and human function are re-examined in “natural” terms.

The project focuses on the consequences of climate change and human activity, on the occasion of last year’s environmental disasters in the region of Faenza in Italy and Thessaly in Greece.

During the Festival dei Calanchi, Zoi Drakopoulou will depart from the Calanchi mountain and head towards the Carlo Zauli Museum with a group of spectators. The long-hour walk, part of the initiatory connection of the natural with the urban landscape, will give the rhythm of a ritual to reflect on our relationship with the place and the self.

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