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Kostantis Stavropoulos on ”Faraway Words” | 31.10.2023

On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, joining the show “Faraway words” is mathematics professor and author Kostantis Stavropoulos, who lives permanently in Berlin. Konstantinis Stavropoulos moved abroad in 2013 and before deciding to become a permanent resident of the German capital, he had previously worked in Benghazi and Abu Dhabi where he worked in international schools.

He speaks about his life in Libya during the civil war, when, as he said, “adrenaline was running high, and hearing the bombs from afar had become a daily routine”, about life in the United Arab Emirates, and also about the decision to settle with his family in Berlin.

His conversation with Natasa Vissarionos also focuses on his writing activity and specifically on his latest novel titled: “The Amazon of Patisia” and scheduled to be launched on 18 November in Athens. Mr. Stavropoulos’ fifth book is a noir novel set in the Greek capital, in the early 80s, when the football league takes on its professional form. The main characters, Argyris and Mary, in an attempt to escape their lives, try to get on the gravy train…

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