The Sweet Life Natasa Vissarionos
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The Sweet Life with Natasa Vissarionos and Nikos Ioannidis | 26 Apr. 2024

What do Greeks cook during Holy Week and Easter in Istanbul and what is the gastronomic identity of Istanbul today? Who is the forager of the 21st century? How can we achieve the ideal tsipouro devotion in Volos?

Ιn the studio is the award-winning visual artist Alexandros Psychoulis who leafs through with us his books “Tsipouro in Volos” and “Foragger” and the journalist Nikoleta Makrionitou who talks to us about the journey of the journalistic team of “Gastronomos” magazine in Istanbul and the unique recipes of the Greeks for Holy Week and Easter.

Every Friday, at 5 pm and for two hours, the show “The Sweet Life” focuses on gastronomy and nutrition and “sets the table” for farmers and producers, nutritionists and exhibition organizers, chefs and nutrition psychologists. The show promotes unique Greek products, their benefits and alternative tourism in Greece.

Curated and presented by Natasa Vissarionos and Nikos Ioannidis

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